Center for Popular Culture and Music


The ZPKM was founded in April 2014 and is a research institution of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg. It emerged from the traditional German folk song archive (founded in 1914 by John Meier) and continues its traditions on a new and expanded level.

The ZPKM serves across faculties and on an interdisciplinary basis research, teaching, further education and international cooperation and deals with the research area "Popular Culture and Music". Its duties include in particular:

  • the interdisciplinary cooperation of disciplines dealing with popular culture and music,
  • the investigation of this topic area from the past to the present as well as access to different historical, cultural, media and social science approaches,
  • questioning and reversing the judgmental distinction between musical high and popular culture in the reflection and theorisation of the cultural and popular culture concept as well as
  • aiming to develop theoretical approaches and empirical methods to understand music broadly and comprehensively as an integral part of popular cultures.

The ZPKM has an extensive specialist library and various collections on popular music culture: the Deutsche Volksliedarchiv (German Folk Song Archive), founded in 1914, the Deutsche Musicalarchiv (German Musical Archive) and the Archiv für Popmusikkulturen (Archive for Pop Music Cultures) along with the Reinhold Karpp Rolling Stones Collection.

We look forward to welcoming you at Rosastraße 17-19, 79098 Freiburg (near the main railway station)!

Opening hours of library
Monday to Friday 10:00 to 13:00
Tuesday and Thursday 15:00 to 18:00

Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung des ZPKM vom 24. April 2014
Wissenschaftliches Konzept der ZPKM vom April 2017
Benutzungsordnung und Entgelttabelle der Bibliothek des ZPKM

Funding as "outstanding research library"


 The center is a member of the State Music Council of Baden-Württemberg


 Cultural relic of special importance §§ 12ff. Denkmalschutzgesetz






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Mo-Fr 10-13 Uhr (keine Nachmittagsöffnung)
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Wolfgang Jansen:
Willi Kollo


Michael Fischer:
Diskotheken im ländlichen Raum


 Jahrbuch des Zentrums für Populäre Kultur und Musik



Christofer Jost, Gregor Herzfeld (Hrsg.):
Große Formen in der populären Musik


Benjamin Burkhart:
Genre im Diskurs


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