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Historical-critical song lexicon

The historical-critical song lexicon is a research and editing project of the Center for Popular Culture and Music. In it, traditional and popular songs from German-speaking countries are edited in historical-critical form and the effective historical impact is commented.

Each song monograph includes the parts: selected editions of the texts and melodies, reception history commentary and source documentation.

The Historisch-kritische Liederlexikon (historical-critical song Lexicon) has been created since 2005 and is published as a "work-in-progress" Internet publication.

The lexicon includes the following sub projects:

  • Traditional songs in the 20th century
  • Songs of the Revolution of 1848
  • Colonial songs of the Russian Germans



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Wolfgang Jansen:
Willi Kollo


Michael Fischer:
Diskotheken im ländlichen Raum


 Jahrbuch des Zentrums für Populäre Kultur und Musik



Christofer Jost, Gregor Herzfeld (Hrsg.):
Große Formen in der populären Musik


Benjamin Burkhart:
Genre im Diskurs


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