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Archive for pop music cultures

The Pop Music Culture Archive brings together objects of popular music culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. The plurimedial character of musical production and reception worlds is depicted. The collections encompass approximately 50,000 sound recordings as well as a large number of other media products (including films, photographs and sheet music) as well as fan merchandise.

Since July 2017, the archive for pop music cultures is home to the editorial archive of the magazine "Musikmarkt" (Music Market), i.a. with several thousand photos of artists and bands as well as list works about the charts. This collection was kindly left to us by the Keller Verlag (Starnberg). For more than fifty years, the „Musikmarkt" accompanied the developments of the national and international music industry.

Foto: Musikmarkt, Keller-Verlag

The Reinhold Karpp Rolling Stones Collection has been available to the ZPKM since March 2017, a deposit of the community of the Karpp heirs. It contains 15,000 sound recordings and is of prime importance in cultural studies. It is a unique collection of fan merchandise and merchandise products. Attached is a special library about the Rolling Stones.

Foto: Max Orlich, Universität








In 2013, the private collection Jörn Stubbmann was acquired as a foundation for the archive for pop music cultures through a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The passionate listener and collector of popular music in all its facets has collected more than 20,000 singles over the decades.


Foto: Michael Fischer, ZPKM


The collection includes all genres of popular music: rock, pop, operetta and much more. Artists like Peter Alexander can be found as well as the Beatles, Nena, Ted Herold or Led Zeppelin.

These collections are complemented by Scopitone recordings and a collection of pop samplers. Likewise, with funds from the German Research Foundation, the number 1 albums in Germany and the corresponding songbooks were acquired.

The center also hosts 1,300 techno records. Further collections (in particular sound recordings) have been donated to the ZPKM, i.a. through the collection campaign by Klaus Baberg (Iserlohn) and a donation from the Humboldt University Berlin (Chair Professor Peter Wicke).

We have summarised the diverse research possibilities within our collections on our own Research Page.



Hans Jürgen Wulff,
Michael Fischer (Hrsg.):
Musik gehört dazu


Agnieszka Zagozdzon:
Von "re-creation" bis "glorification"


 Jahrbuch des Zentrums für Populäre Kultur und Musik

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