The Center for Popular Culture and Music hosts academic collections of the Albert Ludwigs University for Popular Music Culture, in particular for traditional and popular song, pop song and musicals. The collections go back to the Deutsche Volksliedarchiv (German folk song archive), founded in 1914 which have been continually expanded. Therefore in the 1960s, new song genres were considered, such as pop, folk, chanson and political songs etc. The collection comprises of various media forms (individual song and reception documents, music books, songbooks, sound recordings, graphic evidence, etc.).

The following large collection categories deserve special emphasis:

  • Deutsches Volksliedarchiv (founded 1914)
  • Deutsches Musicalarchiv (founded in 2010)
  • Archiv für Popmusikkulturen (founded in 2011)


The collections are for research and teaching, however completeness is not the aim. The Center for Popular Culture and Music is pleased about offers (gifts, bequests, donations) of individuals or institutions regarding all forms of popular music practice.

We have summarized the diverse research possibilities within our collections on our own Research Page.

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